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Internet art

December 15, 2009

With the continuous development of Internet technology, it is inevitable that internet art appeared in the world these years.  What is Internet art? The concept of Internet art is: Internet art (often referred to as net art) is art which uses the Internet as its primary medium or platform. Artists working in this manner are sometimes referred to as net artists. Around the world, some avant-garde artists like to create their works and explore their potential of art through the internet.  We can find it everywhere now: music, video, audio, blog, exhibitions online, images of paintings uploaded for viewing in an online gallery, games and so on.

Contrast with the traditional art, it is totally the different condition of internet art. Internet art is the challenge to traditional things, new concepts, and a new age, a movement, a revolution of art. It is a new way to contact people and art. Far from the studios and galleries that sheltered art in past centuries, creative people sitting at computer keyboards are tearing apart and rebuilding their society’s vision of itself. Though they may call themselves scientists, activists, or hackers rather than poets or performers, today’s electronic visionaries are redefining art for the Internet age. Art’s recent eruption in fields as diverse as artificial life, computer games, and community activism reveals a seismic shift in the role it plays in society. No longer content to sit on a pedestal or auction block, these works infiltrate stock markets, sway court cases, and network bedrooms, reaching across the globe to expand the edge of art. But is every instance of creativity, from shrewd e-commerce ventures to clever toy designs, equally valid as art? Has the distinction between art and non-art become irrelevant in an age when art and science, commerce and fashion are all whipped together in the global culture blender we call the Internet? The answer is no, though the reason has little to do with the traditional rationales for defining art, be they to distinguish high and low culture or to validate creative programs in academic settings. Art may be temporarily out of place, but society needs to make a place for it. Because society needs art to survive. That’s why internet art can survive. Art need to comply with society. But may be after several years, a new art element will come with some new technical and become a new mainstream of our society. Internet art will die just like Dada, momentary exist.

So, Dose internet art is real art or only a joke?

Art’s definition is changing, different period have different definition of art. The definition and evaluation of art has become especially problematic since the early 20th century. So we can’t judge any art through the same way or same concept. However, I believe that the only rule of art which is must not change forever is: real art is all come naturally, no acting; don’t have any purpose; it is a real feeling from the artist’s heart and their true personality. It is the most beautiful reflection of our thought and real life. It’s a desire. “Nature gives the rule to art.”

Internet art is only exist in the internet, that means it is virtual and can’t touch. In my point of view, Internet art have very closed relationship with commercial activity, sometimes internet art is for commerce. As we all known, Internet is the most fast, convenient tool to communicate people all over the world, no matter where they were, have internet means have the “whole world”. It is the best way to sell artists’ art works. When they realize their media image can bring economic benefits to them directly, most artists start to admit that internet can be an art. The commercial attitude must be influence the quality and the themes of their art works. Internet art is not a pure art, it including a lot of other elements like: fashion, new technology, etc, to canter to people’s aesthetics.

For me, I like traditional art more than Internet art. It’s more real than Internet art. Internet art is only exists in the Internet, that means it is virtual and can’t touch. Internet only a tool and media for communication, we can’t say that art in Internet is Internet art.

So, Internet art is an “x”—an unknown numerical. It is so hard to define it (art or tool) and nobody can tell if internet art can survive forever or will become undesirability and out of the popular. But now, Internet art really is an imp active, hot, grateful art form in all over the world.

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